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An Experience Beyond the Festival Grounds 


The LOA festival experience is deeply connected to the festival locations it is proud to call it’s home - Luxembourg City and Esch-Belval. Both cities combine deep historical and cultural roots with cutting-edge innovation and technology. Cities of this particular character naturally offer a wide variety of touristic highlights which we highly encourage you to explore.

We have therefore partnered with the Luxembourg City Tourist Office and are excited to offer you a custom LOA guided tour on the 2nd festival day to explore the hidden gems of Luxembourg City. If you are interested in this unique experience then make sure to sign up here: 

(spots are limited)

Cosmopolitan and multicultural, Luxembourg City has an open and modern vibe, and has managed to harness the power of modern technological innovations without giving up its distinctive historical and architectural identity. It is an international city (with residents hailing from 163 different countries) that enjoys a large and widely accessible public transport system, and is home to a number of European institutions.


While it is a major European capital, it has managed to retain its human scale, and boasts a rich and lively cultural scene. Luxembourg City has twice been selected as the European Capital of Culture. The remains of its old fortress (dating from the 9th century) are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Find out more about Luxembourg and it’s touristic highlights here:

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Home of the University of Luxembourg Esch-Belval is a place that connects Luxembourg’s past with it’s future. It is as much a national heritage site with the formerly largest steelworks of the country as it is one of the biggest and most ambitious urban development areas in Europe. The two blast furnaces from the steel production era are preserved as national monuments and are important landmarks highlighting the countries history. The 120 hectares around the blast furnaces have been developed into a multifaceted and multifunctional environment that combines reserach, work, leisure, study, living, shopping, culture and music in a unique way. Today Esch-Belval is a hub for technological innovation, science and progress.


Esch-Belval is part of the City of Esch-sur-Alzette which in 2022 held the title of European Capital of Culture. As second largest city of Luxembourg it combines architectural heritage with a wide cultural offer and many recreational activities.


More info about the cities touristic highlights can be found here:

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